Early Years Foundation & Kindergarten

The early years foundation is considered for children of the 3 to 4years group and kindergarten of 5 to 6 years.
Children who have access to high quality education in their Early Years develop much better social, emotional and thinking skills. Hence, Darland always sustain the quality of Early Years opportunities so children are more able to fulfill their potential and recognize their strengths.

Our carefully planned curriculum provides teachers with a framework for interacting with the children, planning their lessons, and assessing and monitoring every child’s learning.

Children in our Early Years learn by playing and exploring, and through creative activities that develop their critical thinking abilities.

Our children in these years learn mostly in a custom non conventional educational method. The focus areas for our apprentices revolve not on book based learning but rather on different aspects which includes:
• Communication and Language: Developing oratory skills leading to expression of thoughts with fear or hesitation.
• Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Understanding and mingling with people and developing social skills.
• Physical Development: Children have plenty of physical movement based activities for proper and healthy development and learn to use all the five senses properly.
• Creative Development: Children get to explore and play with a wide range of media and materials, provided opportunities for sharing their thoughts and feelings through diverse activities in art, music, role-play, design and technology.
• Knowledge build up and Literacy: This ranges to very wide area from learning to read, write and gaining foundation subject knowledge (at the late Kindergarten stage).