O/A Level

Darland has got vast experience in leading students towards their O and A Level examinations. The school is the first in greater Mirpur to host both O and A Levels batches and has an outstanding record.

Students at this stage are counseled by a separate counselor for the selection of their subjects aiming towards especially their tertiary education and career. The students study under excellent pool of faculty and are groomed for achieving their best in the subjects. Regular follow ups are provided to the guardians regarding the student’s progress in all subjects. After every term, the students are also updated about their strengths and weaknesses in different subjects to ensure the best results in their public examinations. Extensive Mock Examinations are taken before the O/A Level examinations, which reflect the students’ probable results in the public examinations.

The A Level students are counseled towards achieving their places in the best universities at home and abroad which the students of Darland have been consistently achieving for the past 18 years.