Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities


Darland gives utmost importance to the up liftment of moral standard of the students. For this purpose, it observes Siratunnabi (sm), Annual Milad and other religious occasions such as significance of Ramadan, Christmas Day etc. in a befitting manner. Besides it observes the birth and death anniversaries of renowned scholars of the religious. These are done to keep the students attached to the religions and inculcate in them the teaching of morality.


Every year, Darland International School arranges a grand picnic for the teachers and the students. It’s a big occasion for the school. The guardians are specially invited to join the picnic. Everybody puts on nice and colorful clothes. At the picnic spot, the picnickers have lots of fun. Both students and teachers come in touch with the nature and roam around the spot. In fact, they enjoy the beauty for a day which is absent in the maddening crowd of city life. There is also an arrangement of different games and sports for the students. And different prizes for different positions are given to the deserving contestants Teachers and guardians also participate in the game segment.
Everybody celebrates the day in a festive mood. In fact, the day of picnic is a great source of fun, enjoyment and amusement for the members of the Darland family.


DIS observes all red letter days of Bangladesh in a befitting manner.


DIS observes “Pahela Baishakh”, the first day of Bengali New year in a befitting manner as part of regular co-curricular activities. Traditional Bengali Culture is displayed on the very day. All the students and the teachers dress in Bengali traditional attire. Guardians and students set up stalls of various Bengali homemade foods. The main objective of celebrating Pahela Baishakh is to bring the young learners in touch with the Bengali heritage and tradition.


DIS always ensures the optimum merriment of the students and “Annual Class Party” is one of the best recreational activities which marks the end of the academic year. Students of all levels cherish the desire to attend this against occasion. Party from the very beginning of the academic year and thus they go ahead to make it fruitful. The party begins with cutting a huge cake in presence of teachers, students and guardians. Some distinguished personalities and eminent scholars of the country are invited to the party to bless it with endless joy. Needless to say, DIS always earns much appreciation for it.


DIS always arranges indoor and outdoor sports to relieve the students from the monotony of study. It recognizes the need for physical and mental development besides their studies. Students from PG to O’ Level have their Access to participate in events like Carrom, Chess, Skipping, Ludu, Fishing game. Math race, Sack race, Football, Cricket and what not.


Darland International School believes in the improvisation of its students. It has a debate club named “Darland Debate Club”. Debate classes have been introduced in the weekly class routine from Std-IV to Std-VIII. This club organizes debate competition every year. The students have proved their ability to compete in the national and international level. It helps the students to sharpen their knowledge and use it in their practical life. Darland International School tries to bring out the hidden potentiality and ability through its debate competition.


Every year an ANNUAL CULTURAL COMPETITION is held. In the competition the students’ ability in the cultural sector is judged. The categories for the competition are- Nazrul Song, Rabindra Son, Patriotic Song, Modern Song, Folk Song, Dance and Recitation.


Project Presentation is a regular work for the students of Darland. To be skilled in public speaking and to motivate students towards leadership, project presentation is started right from the mid section. Apart from the regular class projects, once in a session, centrally a Project Presentation is arranged. Distinguished guests and guardians are also invited to judge the students’ capabilities.


In the session 2010-11, to strengthen the ECA of the students, Darland has opened 10 clubs. The Clubs are- Darland English Language Club, Darland Drama and Literary Club, Darland Science Club, Darland Debate Club, Darland Film Society, Darland Photography Club, Darland Nature Study Club, Darland Sports Club, Darland Social Welfare Club. The details for each club can be found in the CLUB BROCHURE.