Admission Queries

When does the Academic session start?

The session of the school starts in the first half of July and ends in early June before the year-ending annual vacation commences.

When does the Admission start?

Admission in Darland commences from the first week of March and carries until the mid of June.

What is the procedure for Admission?

When prospective guardians visit the school with interest in admitting their children, upon conversation and application, the admission test for the student is announced. If the child gets qualified both in the written and viva, Admission is accepted.

How long does the process take?

Since the admission has got several stages, after the application, it takes two to five working days for the procedure to be completed.

What type of questions can a student expect in the Admission Test?

Our admission test is divided into two broad segments:
1. Written
2. Interview Session

* The written test includes English, Mathematics, and Basic Science questions. However, in middle school, a certain part of Bengali related questions is added in the test. From Std-VIII to A-Levels, more subject areas are covered to ensure the basic of the children coming for admission in these classes.

* The interview session is a conversation with the prospective student and guardian. This helps the school management to know them. There are no particular questions that need preparation.

What is the time of payment of the monthly tuition fee?

The monthly tuition fee of the school is to be paid by the 10th of every month. After the 10th of the calendar month, a late fee is charged along with tuition.

Where can I get the Admission Form?

The Admission Form can be collected from the Admission Desk in the school premises. It is also available for download from the website of the school. The properly filled-in form needs to be submitted to the office for further processing.

What are the documents needed during the Admission?

For Admission, the following documents must be placed-        

- Birth Certificate/Passport of student

- Report Card of the student’s last grade (class) (applicable from KG I to A Level)

- Parents’ NID

Where can I contact for more information?

Please contact the official numbers at 9009816 and 01741-114273/01631-695638

Does the school have transport facilities?

Yes, the school offers its transportation facilities but additional charges will apply.