Red Letter Days

Pahela Baishak

DIS observes “Pahela Baishakh”, the first day of Bengali New year in a grand manner as part of regular co-curricular activities. Traditional Bengali Culture is displayed on the very day. All the students and the teachers dress in Bengali traditional attire. Guardians and students set up stalls of various Bengali homemade foods. The main objective of celebrating Pahela Baishakh is to bring the young learners in touch with the Bengali heritage and tradition.

Pahela Falgun

Darland also observes the Pahela Falgun every year in a similar pattern it observes the Pahela Baishak. The students and guardians being a part of the celebration, the day is observed to welcome spring in the year in a befitting manner

International Days

Darland commemorates all major National Days of Bangladesh. The school believes, students should be attached to the root of the nation, and honor the National Days with proper respect. The students take part in discussion program and perform different types of activities related to the day commemorated. Days include- International Mother Language Day, Independence Day, Victory Day, Universal Children’s Day, United Nations day, etc.

Remembrance Of Noted Personality

Students of Darland get the opportunity in knowing the works and contributions of important personalities of the society. Various showcases are made by the students for promoting their work on the day of remembrance. Days include- Rabindra Jayanti, Nazrul Jayanti, Birth Anniversary of Shakespeare, and many more.