Art Competition

The school promotes creativity to amass extent in all Standards. As a part of co-curricular activities, every year an art competition is held to showcase and award the creativity of the students portrayed through Art. All students from Play Group to IGCSE take part in the competition.

Debate Competition

Darland International School believes in the improvisation of its students. It has a club named “Darland Debate Club”. Debate classes have been introduced in the weekly class routine from Std-III to IGCSE. This club organizes a debate competition every year. The students have proved their ability to compete in the national and international level. It helps the students to sharpen their knowledge and use it in their practical life. Darland tries to bring out the hidden potentiality and ability through its debate competition.

Cultural Competition

Every year an Annual Cultural Competition is held. In the competition, the students’ ability in the cultural sector is judged. The categories for the competition include- Songs: Nazrul, Rabindra, Patriotic, Modern-English & Bengali, and Folk, Dance, Acting, Recitation, etc.

Project Presentation

Project Presentation is a regular work for the students of Darland. To be skilled in public speaking and to motivate students towards leadership, project presentation is started right from Secondary School. Apart from the regular class projects, once in a session, centrally a Project Presentation is arranged. Distinguished guests and guardians are also invited to judge the students’ capabilities, following which the best students are awarded.

Other Competitions

In an academic year, apart from the aforementioned, other types of competitions are also hosted by the school for the students. Competitions include Quiz, Reading, Crafts, Science Fair, Projects- Environmental/Social Awareness, etc. The school also encourages and sends its students to attend various National level competitions/Olympiads, and provides a scope to compete with students of other institutions.