In School Occasions

Annual Picnic

Every year, Darland International School arranges a grand picnic for the teachers and the students. It is a big occasion for the school. The guardians are also invited to join the picnic. At the picnic spot, the picnickers have lots of fun. Both students and teachers come in touch with nature and roam around the spot. They enjoy the beauty for a day which is absent in the maddening crowd of city life. There is also an arrangement of different games and sports for the students. Different prizes for different positions are given to the deserving contestants. Teachers and guardians also participate in the games segment. Everybody celebrates the day in a festive mood. The day of the picnic is a great source of fun, enjoyment, and amusement for the members of the whole Darland family.

Annual Class Party

Darland always ensures the optimum merriment of the students aside from their study life. “Annual Class Party” is one of the best recreational activities which marks the end of the academic year. Students of all levels cherish the desire to attend this party from the very beginning of the academic year and thus they go ahead to make it fruitful. The party begins by cutting a huge cake in the presence of teachers, students, and guardians. Some distinguished personalities and eminent scholars of the country are invited to the party to bless it with endless joy. Needless to say, Darland always earns much appreciation for it.

Annual Sports Day

Darland always arranges indoor and outdoor sports to relieve the students from the monotony of studies. It recognizes the need for physical and mental development besides their studies. Students from Play Group to A Level have their access to participate in indoor and outdoor sports events. There is a separate sports class in the routine every week for all Standards. The school has a separate sports uniform for students, to be worn in the selected day of the week.