Digi Class

What Is a Digi-Class?

Digi-Class is Pearson’s award-winning solution customized to suit the syllabi of O/A Level schools across the world. It is a multimedia-based interactive solution that melds cutting edge hardware and syllabi compliant content that enables teachers to better explain complex concepts. Developed with the British Curriculum syllabi in mind, Digi-Class is designed to not only help teachers make learning an engaging and interactive process but also ensure students are encouraged to understand better, learn faster and retain more. Digi-Class works on the basis of Cognitive Learning Approach - a widely trusted theory on the learning process that associates already familiar topics with new material. The use of multimedia content, like 2D/3D images, videos, demonstrations, simulations and more, help teachers establish these links and create a more engaging classroom environment. As a whole, DigiClass makes education for all students exciting and fun, where they develop more interest in their regular studying.

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Digital Class

Darland has DigiClass facilities in all of its class rooms and the only school in greater Mirpur to have so. Uncompromising with the quality of the school’s education, the institution’s Curriculum Development unit also makes digital contents for the students to help them in their studies.